Ridge Monkey Stand

With a number of carp fishing exhibitions throughout the year for Ridge Monkey, Charles Rayner Ltd were delighted to supply the foam pvc graphics and pvc banners for the stand– using a black background and a superb Ridge Monkey logo finished in matt , the stand really does have a huge impact at the shows.

Santa Train

As part of Chiltern’s Christmas celebrations, Chiltern Railway’s asked if Charles Rayner Ltd could completely vinyl wrap the bodysides and cab ends in a Santa Claus Theme for one of their DVT vehicles, producing high performance vinyl graphics  with an anti-graffiti covering film, our installation team surfaced cleaned and fitted the entire vehicle on a Sunday shift…

Trakker Window Branding

Charles Rayner Ltd were instructed to produce a graphic to be applied at a fishing tackle shop, after receiving the artwork, we were able to produce a 5 meter long print for Trakker, our installation team applied outside window graphics in sections for a superb advert showing potential customers their product range.

Train Toilet Wrap

Our client wanted to make the toilets on their fleet more comfortable for travelling passengers, whilst the vehicles were going through a refurbishment, Charles Rayner Ltd templated the toilet area and were given a vintage looking artwork to produce some stunning graphics to enhance the travelling experience, these graphics were applied by our installation team.