The biggest benefit to screen printing is the striking and vivid impact it creates.

The inks are durable and come in a variety of colours and effects, perfect for indoor and outdoor usage and dramatic visual impressions. Screen printing is the best method for special effects and finishes, and you can trust that Charles Rayner’s years of experience will be used to guide you through the screen printing process.

Screen printing can be used for long or short runs, we can print 4 colour process or spot colours onto a wide range of substrates.

Acrylic – pet g – polystyrene – polycarbonate – metal – steel – aluminium – glass – pvc – self adhesive vinyl – corex – display board – paper – nylon -wood –

Please let us know if you any special requests as we will happily do a ink key test!.


Thermochromic (or rub and reveal) is a screen-applied ink that is primarily used to hide printed messages. This heat-reactive ink changes from black to a semi-transparent state, allowing the message underneath to be read.

Black is the only colour that will mask other colours but more colours are available. These include blue, orange, pink, red and green. Non-black colours will only mask a light tint of the same colour.

Thermochromic inks normally react to heat but chill-and-reveal inks are also available. These inks change colour when they are put in the refrigerator or when its in a cold room.

Thermochromic is fantastic for revealing a marketing message,


Glow-in-the-dark or phosphorescent inks contain optically active pigments which absorb light energy from any light source and then re-emit them as light, meaning that the area where the phosphorescent ink is applied will literally ‘glow in the dark’ .

Glow-in-the-dark is a screen-applied process and the standard colour is yellow/green, but blue/green is also available. This process has been used creatively across many projects and applied to stickers,posters and multimedia packaging. Glow-in-the-dark has been used for Halloween theme artworks, print aimed at children, music-related posters for dark venues or futuristic designs.



Silver latex (or rub-removable) inks have been specially designed as opaque inks which can be applied over printed tickets or promotional cards and are readily removable using a coin or fingernail to display a pre-printed message underneath.

Rub-removable inks are normally printed over offset prints, which must be fully dried. The substrate must also be fully opaque to prevent ‘show through’ from the reverse. Silver latex or scratch-off inks are available in silver and gold.

silver latex


Mirror effect screen ink will provide a cost effective way of obtaining a very good mirror finish, traditionally done by silvering. They are formulated for printing onto the under surface of clear plastic or glass to obtain the mirror effect.


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